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Still managing after a week of no husband or daddy around. Not liking it too much, especially since Alex is sick and I have a cold/sinus infection. Last night was the first night in weeks that I didn’t have to move from my bed for 8 hours straight. Not that I got to sleep straight through, but I’ll take it.

My awesome neighbor brought me pizza last night because I couldn’t stay for dinner after her kid’s birthday party since my kids needed to go to bed. I will definitely miss her. But at the rate things are going, we’ll be here awhile.

Have I mentioned lately how much fun Nathan is? He tells me all kinds of interesting things, and he’s so well behaved most of the time. He still hasn’t mastered “quiet time” which is supposed to be either a nap or an hour of play in his room. But that’s probably as much my fault for being inconsistent, because we seem to be on the go many days and skip that time entirely.

And Alex is adorable too, except I hate seeing him sick. He is a super well behaved baby too…often just sitting in his stroller for hours, content to watch what’s going on around him. So far it appears both my kids have inherited me and my husband’s ultra laid back dispositions. We’ll see about Alex as he gets mobile.


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  1. >I wish I had such a neighbor :DSeems nice. The picture is great, btw.


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