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This weekend was crazy. Thursday night I hosted some MOPS ladies. Friday night we met fellow bloggers SharkeyMalarkey and her husband JP for dinner. They are great. Sharkey is tall. Then the four of us drove through the mean streets of Cheltenham to see William star in the stage production of The Philadelphia Story. He was great. We only got to stay a few minutes afterwards because our babysitter had to get home, but we enjoyed chatting with William and other bloggers Teri, Sue, and Charlotte. We all agreed it was like a big blind date. And we agreed to plan something for local bloggers again soon.

Then yesterday my sister was in town so she and my mom and I took our kids over to a benefit auction at our high school. That was kind of a disaster, there were not many places to sit and eat lunch, it was a bit cold, and Elizabeth and Nathan both threw tantrums when we dragged them out of the moonbounce. It was way past naptime, which never came for those two. Then we all went back to my place for some tasty homemade lasagna and a photoshoot.

Sunday we went to church and I got to drop of a ton of clothes for a charity called Wings for Success. I love purging to good causes. Then we headed to my mom’s house for an early dinner before my sister’s clan had to drive back to Virginia.

Busy week ahead too, starting with a shower and some work this morning while Alex sleeps in thanks to the rain.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >I think all moon bounce things should come with security guards to assist in removing of toddlers. (I would call the security guards bouncers HAH!.)


  2. >I’m a bit jealous that you all got to meet! If things weren’t so crazy lately, I would have loved to be there.


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