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So for those of you who care, I think I’ve narrowed our new home location to the city of Sugarland. It’s a suburb in the southwest of Houston. Seems to have good schools, nice master-planned communities with some upscale retail and affordable homes. And Mike’s commute should be between 30 and 45 mintues, which is perfect. Still no idea when we’ll be physically househunting, we have a busy couple of months ahead and our babysitters are also pretty busy. Lotsa vacation time planned.

The interview with the first Realtor went pretty well. Picking a list price is always so tough, she gave us a range of about 15K and so it’s hard to decide whether to start high and hopefully maximize your selling price or start low and get more people looking at it to sell faster. We’ll have a second opinion on Saturday after the yard sale.

Yep, tomorrow is the big yard sale. I hate yard sales, I sure hope it doesn’t rain. I really don’t want any of this stuff back in my house, and I don’t want to be taking multiple trips to Goodwill.

Anybody know someone who either just had a baby boy or is about to have one? I have a ton of 6-9 month size winter clothes. Cute stuff! I think Jenifer (my yoga teacher) could have a girl and either way her baby will likely be too late/small for these clothes. My boys were big!

Well, I’d better get back to carrying stuff up and pricing it. Still gotta hit the bank for some small bills and change too!


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  1. >If you don’t find anyone else who you actually know, there is a girl down the street from me who’s always begging on Freecycle for baby stuff – I met her once, and I think her baby’s due in the next couple months. Let me know if you can’t find anyone else to take it!


  2. >Okey doke!


  3. >Hey, send them my way!! He should be in 6-9 month clothes by the time the weather turns! Let me know what to send you for shipping costs!


  4. >Sugarland is a GREAT name for a town. Not that word appeal should factor in, I guess… But what a good name!


  5. >Yes, I think it will be very cool having a Sugarland, TX address.


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