>New Neighbors


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Woke up this morning to a line of cement trucks outside my front window. Our neighborhood is normally VERY quiet so this is interesting/annoying. I actually met the people that will be moving into this new house, and they are very nice. However their house will not be done till at least Labor Day, and we may or may not still be here. (At the current rate of moving progress, I suspect we will, in fact, still be here.) It appears that the foundation does not go very deep and so their house will sit well above ours. So likely their first floor windows will look right into our guest bedroom window.

The house you see in back of the construction is also new, and the neighbors moved in there a week or two ago. I haven’t met them yet, despite seeing them sitting out on their front porch. They obviously aren’t taking the initiative to come meet us while we play outside, so I suppose I need to bake something yummy and go introduce myself to them.

Also I don’t think I mentioned yet that Alex finally started crawling forward on his belly, commonly referred to as the army crawl. It’s a big step towards my life becoming more chaotic. He is also becoming very opinionated about what he eats, refusing any cut up fruits or veggies so far but inhaling the carbs and meats. He still gets fruits and veggies via spoon, but even that he is starting to get impatient with.

Photos of the garden, new curtains and other nicely staged rooms will be coming soon.


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  1. >And my wee one is the opposite! She’ll only eat cut-up fruits and veggies and pureed meats and carbs.


  2. >food. . .that reminds me, i haven’t been able to give you, kimber, or deb the invitations to our baby party on june 22. so, how am i going to do that? you’ll just have to come to class! 😀 i’m trying to set up a baby sitter for the 9:30 am class at the studio. so it may be an option if you can’t come on a friday.yeah! 😀


  3. >I saw Susan’s email that the Monday 9:30 class has babysitting, and I was thinking of doing that. Only problem there is he usually naps at 9:30 or 10, so he could be pretty cranky. But he likes getting attention from new people so maybe not. This Friday night might be an option…hmmmmm…Also I have a few baby clothes I was thinking of dropping off at your place in the near future…


  4. >OK – do you live near the Black Rock Sanctuary, or what???


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