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The house is getting messy again because we have no real estate agents, no appraisers, and certainly no potential buyers scheduled to come through anytime soon. Still waiting on the relo company.

Houses I like online are being sold left and right. I can tell you that in the few weeks I’ve had my eye on the real estate market in Houston, it doesn’t look especially slow to me like it seems here. Houses are not sitting for 100 days on the market like they have been here. On the forum I read daily the speculation is of course that all the people relocating to Houston this summer waited till school was out or almost out and are now making their househunting trips and snatching up places left and right. And still we wait, till probably late July. I know the right house will be there, but can you hear the impatience in my voice? Waiting sucks.

Ok so Eckhart Tolle says we should quit living for tomorrow so much that we don’t enjoy today, and I know he’s right. My whole life has been about living for tomorrow. Seriously, when I was in middle school it was all about getting good grades and filling out my high school “resume” in order to get into the best possible college. So that I could get the best possible job. Yes, I was thinking about all that when I was 13! And it paid off. My faith, my moral decisions, they were all about the future. If I sacrifice a little fun now I will be much happier in the end. And I was right about that.

But! Do I miss out on the joy around me every day? Yeah sometimes. I’m not a worryer, I’m not the anxious type by nature. But I am a planner. I plan nearly everything. And if I can’t plan something, then it’s not worth worrying about.

So today I’m going to try to enjoy that Alex is still a baby and I can keep him home and watch him grow. And I will try to enjoy the fact that my house is a mess because a vibrant family lives here. I certainly do enjoy watering the flowers with Nathan every evening.


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  1. >I hear you about living for today. It is important that we take time to enjoy today and stop worrying quite so much about tomorrow and the next day. Thanks for reminding me again!!


  2. >Waiting does suck, but it will happen in time. I think I’m guilty of not enjoying today and wanting to get to tomorrow. I believe it’s a habit we pick up as kids when we live for instant gratification. Hug those boys.


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