>Dining Room


Dining Room
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Behold the new curtains. They are reversible! One side is a shimmery orange and the other is gold. I used one side for the panels and the opposite side for the scarf. Voila! Unfortunately they aren’t as long as I thought and they don’t fall to the floor like they ought to.

In this room you can also see all our hand-me-downs…our 70’s era formica dining set that needs to be replaced…my grandmother’s end tables, mirror, and our liquor cabinet which used to be a record player/speaker box cabinet. And the antique sideboard we pulled out of my great-grandparent’s basement and had refurbished.

Big news, we have a showing on Sunday, even though our house isn’t on the market yet. The agent we interviewed knew of some buyers who might be interested and told them to go drive by our house and check out the location. They did and they want to get in! Very exciting, and I like this agent already.


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  1. >Lovely room! Looks fantastic. Great curtains! And I am really digging on that wine rack.


  2. >it does look very nice. i like the colors.they are “ryan” colors though. it’s interesting. i’m much more a blue, he’s an orange. complimentary! :Di still have invites for you–shall i just give you the run down and you can pass it on to the girls?June 22, 12:30-whenever (by 4 at latest) at Ocean Earth Wind Fire there in P-ville; you’ll have to call my MIL to RSVP–she’s getting very anxious about not hearing “from everyone” but she doesn’t knwo who everyone is anyway, so it’s just a good excuse to be anxious and call us every 15 mintuse to ask us which cake we want so that she can order it. :Demail me and i’ll give you her name/number so that you can call. and if you want the registry, i can give you that too.or, you can just come and eat awesome food and enjoy live music or you could give me hand-me-overs, or whatever. :Dalso, hubs and kids welcome–just be sure to include them on the RSVP.


  3. >oh, i should say, probably we’ll be cake-eating by 2:30 or 3:00–i don’t expect the party to last too long, but things tend to go forever when you’re at the yoga studio because people just like being there.also, if you want another cool thing for your calendar, July 11 is my birthday so we’re going festive at the studio that night too.it’s a friday, so it will be a yoga with live music night. henrik–our favorite ex-pat dane–will be paying singing bowls, then we’re having gourmet s’mores over the fire pit until whenever. probably 11–i get tired.so, you might want to come for that too. i mean, c’mon–gourmet s’mores! 😀


  4. >Sounds awesome, both events! 🙂 Thanks for the invites, I’ll email ya.Yeah the blue and the orange go together nicely.


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