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So apparently certain manufacturers of consumer products have discovered that mommy-bloggers are a big audience, worth marketing directly to. And they seem to have learned that product popularity often grows exponentially among us by word-of-mouth. Some bloggers specifically review products and solicit advertising on their blogs, and some like me just occasionally feel they much rave about a recent miracle product they found.

This all leads to me to accepting an invite to a local mommy-blogger meetup tonight. I only know a couple of the other women going, but I’m especially going because it’s a FREE dinner at Buca di Beppo paid for by our wonderful friends at Graco baby equipment company. And there will be other free swag, presumably provided by similar type consumer product companies. Cool, huh?

I only hope that my stomach doesn’t react the same way it has been every time I eat a big meal at a nice restaurant lately, like Wed night at Maggianos. I don’t know why, but something in all that delicious food has been leaving me writhing in pain hours later. Almost makes me not want to eat rich food anymore. Almost.


7 responses to this post.

  1. >I can totally relate. When you try to eat less, a big meal can wreck your system. Maybe we can keep it light somehow. See you tonight!


  2. >Yeah it’s like broken diet’s revenge or something. See you there!


  3. >I didn’t know this was an ‘industry’. Hope you had fun at the dinner!


  4. >Sorry if I would have read this post before your meme I would have known you were coming tonight. Can’t wait to meet you! Then maybe we will run into each other again down my way at the beach!!


  5. >greco keeps rejecting me.it could be because when i take the surveys for them to preselect me for market research, they ask if i plan on purchasing any of their big ticket items for my kid and i always answer honestly (no).and then they say that i’m not in their demographic. so, no swag for me. but what would i do with it anyway?hope you had/have a great time!


  6. >v. excited to meet ou tonight! colleen 🙂


  7. >I couldn’t find a sitter and missed this night out. So bummed!


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