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Baby Blue Eyes
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My sister and her family are at the beach this week. We passed each other on the road as we left the beachhouse and she arrived. I’m sure they are having a good time, but her kids are younger than mine and that means it will probably be less relaxing than my vacation. I don’t know when I will get to see her before we move, but we’ll have to make sure we do.

I think I’m giving up on the idea of buying a house that needs any work because I am really loving some houses in an area of Katy called Cinco Ranch that are less than a decade old. My only concern is that the commute may be longer, plus involving a tollway which means an added expense we need to factor in. Mike says a 45 minute drive is manageable, but what about the days when there are accidents and it turns into an hour? And he might not mind but it means more time away from the family. But it is important that we really like the house we buy. I just can’t wait to get down there and start looking in person! It is very hard to focus on work with so much house shopping to do!


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  1. >Double gas prices and see how the 45 minute drive looks as well.


  2. >i was going to say the same thing about gas prices!a long commute is also physically demanding. i think 45-60 minutes is do-able (i did it for three years), but any longer than that is too much.just foods for thought


  3. >Mike keeps reminding me that his commute now is almost an hour when he has to drop Nathan at daycare, which is three days a week. Daycare location is going to be key. With gas prices going up I think proximity to retail (given my penchant for shopping) is also going to be important.


  4. >i agree that the availability of shopping is valuable. my parents live at least 45 minutes from a good grocery store. it’s tough on them.day care is also really important to find.i wish there were more things designed with ‘walking distances’ in this country!


  5. >the good thing about all the “master planned communities” in Houston are sidewalks and jogging trails through entire neighborhoods so that you could walk places if it weren’t so deathly hot most of the time.


  6. >No hat, but little Coronado is still hysterical.


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