>Soaking It Up


Soaking It Up
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This photo is just for Neel.

Alas, the great house with the big yard and pool already sold. Well there are 20 more great houses to see. My agent seriously thinks we can see them all in one day, and then go back to the favorites the next day. Is she serious?! They will surely all blend together.

Alex is more and more mobile, although he doesn’t quite have crawling down yet. He leans forward from a sitting position onto his hands and one foot and pulls his butt forward. He’s starting to pull up a little too. Makes it tough to get any work done while he’s home. Good thing he’s going to daycare as soon as we move. Now I just gotta find a good school for both boys…


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  1. >Wow. Take lots of notes, maybe use some sort of rating system, when you’re looking at the houses?Hopefully, you’ll just get that “my house” feeling, and you’ll know it. All the best to you.


  2. >Ok so you know I’m totally an engineer because I already have a spreadsheet made up for all the houses. Each row has the house specs including sq ft, price, taxes, fees, distance from work, pros and cons. And because I’m kind of OCD about this I’ve already viewed each house online about 1000 times and my memory is working…for example I can say “Oh, ya know the house on Gentle Moss? I could totally use the study there as a photo studio!”


  3. >I do tend to say totally a lot, don’t I?


  4. >Totally. 🙂


  5. >When Lauren and I were looking for houses in FL. We must have looked at 10 a day. The only way I kept them straight was by giving a nickname to each house. If I did not like it I did not give it a nickname. most of the names I had for the places was the one “negative” thing that struck me. Like the Smoke house smeeled like smoke. Brady Bunch Kitchen house was just well that. etc.


  6. >in addition to your charts (i do that too!), i would recommend a notebook and camera.record in the notebook your impressions of each neighborhood (as you’re driving in, as you’re looking at the house and around the house, etc). and of course, your impressions of the house itself (and how it fits into the neighborhood–is it the smallest of the group, the largest? what might that mean socially?).beyond that, pictures are a big deal to me. i take pictures of anything that i think needs repairs, i also take pictures of views from windows so that i know whether or not i’m looking into someone’s living room or what.i record the photo numbers with the house and neighborhood information, so i can look back on it.of course, some homes will be ‘right out’ right away, but others will be ones that you might want to consider with more information than what the internet, etc, gives you.


  7. >Matching hat!


  8. >Wow is he growing fast. Daniel used to “crawl” the same way. You don’t get where you are going fast but you see things better I guess.


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