Giant Elmo
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This is a throwback photo of Nathan when he was the same age as Alex is now. Alex has more hair and I think he is a little chubbier. Mike wants me to cut Alex’s hair but I love his little curls. Alex recently got two more teeth, for a total of four. This last one is really bugging him, making him terribly cranky. I count my blessings though because it doesn’t interfere with his sleeping, since he is a champion sleeper.

It’s a good thing because our new house in Texas will have the master bedroom on the first floor and 3 or 4 bedrooms on the second floor. Also the playroom will probably be on the second floor too, so I’m hoping most of the toys will stay contained up there. That may be a bit unreasonable, but we’ll see.

One idea I have is to use either the study (always off to the right of the foyer and generally enclosed by french doors) or perhaps a media room if the house has one as a dedicated photo studio. It would take a bit of investment in equipment to really set it up professionally, but with more space in the house and more time when Alex is in daycare part time it’s a possibility. The idea is pretty exciting to me.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >Hey, just wanted to make sure you got my email with my address. I know you’ve been crazy busy, and time is a giant blur to me right now, but I’ve had too many problems with email being automatically put in spam folders to not check. So, that’s all, no hurry.RHM


  2. >I did get your email and I have a box all ready to go, as soon as I can get my ass to the post office. I’ve been sorting through Alex’s stuff and adding to it over the past week or two. Some stuff that was a little smaller in size I’m saving for Jenifer, whose baby isn’t due for another month or so.


  3. >no chance that gigantic elmo doesn’t want to move to Houston huh? I know cousin Elizabeth would love to make Elmo a home here in Richmond.


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