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I refer to my grandparents as the GP’s.* I’m lucky to have my dad’s parents still around and in good health. They are pretty amazing people really, I think they are both 88 years old and very active. They are originally from Boston and still own the home my great-grandfather built there, and they spend every summer in that house. But their primary residence for the past fifty-plus years has been Houston, where they have a lovely house as well. Every summer they DRIVE from Houston to Boston, and every fall they drive back.

This summer their annual trek has been delayed due to my Grandmom getting a knee replacement. I was shocked when I heard her doctor thought she was a good candidate for it, but supposedly she is doing pretty well. Unfortunately now my Grandad’s feet are both swelling up, and they won’t know why until they see a doctor later this week. I very much hope it isn’t serious, but swollen feet are often a sign of a circulation problem of some sort and he does have a history of heart trouble. Both of their sons, my dad and my uncle, died of heart failure before they turned 50.

We keep trying to tell them it isn’t a good idea for him to drive so far, but they are stubborn and habitual. They come up with tons of excuses for not flying up and back, such as the flexibility and freedom to stick tons of stuff in their car at the last minute. They have two NEW cars, which they don’t need because they only have one driver, so clearly they could leave one of their cars in Boston. Ah well, they are their own people.

Needless to say they are overjoyed that we are moving so close to them. They have not had any family nearby for many years, although they travel to see us quite a bit. I’m glad my boys may get to know them a little in the sunset of their lives. My grandfather especially is so interesting to talk to, he really is brilliant, a PhD in chemistry from MIT. The only trouble is we tend to disagree somewhat on religious and sometimes political matters, but we enjoy discussing them. Maybe someday I’ll convince him 🙂

*This reminds me that my dad used to use the term G.P.s to refer to the phrase “general principles”. Usually in the context of me asking “Why can’t I do such-and-such?!” and he’d say “G.P.’s”. And that’d be the end of it.


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  1. >Grandparents are the best. Such great stories, and they always help me see the whole-life perspective…


  2. >Very nice post


  3. >i hope that your grandfather is well! it could be any number of things and not anything too serious!


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