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Ok so we toured the daycare center around the corner and enrolled Nathan and put Alex on the waiting list. Got a really good mortgage rate too. Our inspection is tomorrow, so we get to go through the house one more time, yippee! We love it. Here’s a set of photos.

Five bedrooms plus a gameroom for our pool table. Rockin’ kitchen with granite counters and a huge breakfast bar. A pantry! (I don’t have a pantry now and could really use one) Big two story den with a little catwalk between the upstairs bedrooms. I can totally see Nathan throwing paper airplanes over the rail.

The backyard is big and bare, (well, big by some standards, still tiny compared to our current yard). Nobody behind us but a drainage ditch and behind that is our elementary school (top rated) and the daycare and the community pool and play area. We will have to install some kind of covered patio, because shade is super important in Houston. Also I’m definately getting Nathan a playset for his birthday.

The garage isn’t huge so we will need to use half of it for bikes and lawn equipment, but thankfully the other care will be parked under the porte-cochere so it is protected from blazing sun and pouring rain.

Hard to believe this house is 1200 sq ft bigger than our current house and 15K cheaper. Oh, did I mention it’s essentially brand new, built in 2006? Yeah, perfect condition.


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  1. >Gorgeous house! Congrats!


  2. >Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats on finding a great house. When’s your move in date?


  3. >Congrats


  4. >what a great house. Yeah, the housing prices in the Philly area are crazy!I hope the move goes well.you’re still blogging, right?


  5. >congratulations! looks like a great location for your family–so close to good school and day care! it’s a really lovely house! awesome!


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