>I miss my kiddos!


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Five days so far without my kids and one more to go. Yeah, the freedom is kinda nice but I really miss their company. They are so cute! I talked to Nathan on the phone for a couple minutes today but he didn’t have much to say. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to talk to Mommy and Daddy on the phone.

Today we visited the neighborhood YMCA and I was very impressed. It’s not as fancy as our current one but it’s also cheaper and all the childcare and group classes are free and don’t require pre-registration. There are LOTS of yoga classes on the weekly schedule so I’m determined to get back into it. I also may try pilates again, I loved it before. Also they have soccer and basketball for Nathan’s age group, something our Y doesn’t. So I think it would be cool to start him in some group sports.

Before our home inspection this morning we talked briefly to the sellers and asked if there were any little kids around. They pointed out at least five houses immediately surrounding us with multiple small children. Sounds like the perfect street for us. The sellers seem so nice, a strong Christian black family originally from L.A. They say they are moving locally and we didn’t ask why, I hope it is not because they couldn’t afford this home. But we will take good care of the house they had built two years ago.


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