>Don’t Mess With Texas


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The rest of our trip yesterday was a piece of cake. Both kids were fabulous the whole 1500 miles. We couldn’t get into our apartment yesterday so Mike got the brilliant idea of staying at the Sheraton Suites by the Galleria (a famous upscale Houston mall) which has a corporate rate for his company. His office is just next door, and we got a very nice suite on the eighth floor looking out at downtown Houston. Tons of room for the kids to run around, private sleeping area so the kids could go to bed before us, and Pepper was welcome too.

Last night we headed over to the Galleria for walking around and dinner. Nathan loves the very cool fountain, the ice skating rink, and the tall glass elevators. I found a Pumpkin Patch store, which was significantly less expensive than the Pumpkin Patch clothes I usually buy at Nordstrom. I didn’t buy anything yet, I am waiting till the Texas sales tax holiday coming up and then I will do some serious shopping.

This morning we had a very expensive but delicious breakfast at the hotel. It was so nice not to have to rush to pack up and eat and get on the road again! Alex is napping in the bedroom while we hang out and relax before heading to our apartment. I’m looking forward to getting settled in our new community, Cinco Ranch.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >woohoo! you made it!


  2. >i’m so glad that you had a safe and basically uneventful trip! 🙂


  3. >I second that woohoo!


  4. >Me too….woohoo!


  5. >Good luck to you! My DH and I are making some decisions on whether or not to head south (Altanta) over the next year. What an adventure!


  6. >woohoo! you made it!


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