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It seems that everyone is pretty healthy now. We’re getting into a routine of work and daycare. Yesterday morning I decided to run over to Starbucks for breakfast and stumbled upon the farmers market, along with a Puppy Pool Party at La Centerra. There were lots of cute dogs about, but one of the booths that did not seem to belong was for Green Mountain Energy. I’ve heard of them, a 100% renewable, wind and hyrdo power company. Since Houston is deregulated, we have to choose from a long list of electricity options for our new house. Well I stopped to talk to them since we need to choose our power anyway, and they convinced me that their rates were competitive and I do like the idea of choosing green energy. It seems like a very unique experience, signing up for my power company at a farmers market.

Yesterday we all enjoyed the pool for awhile, which along with the sun helps to tire the kids out for good afternoon naps. Of course it tires us out too, but at least we get a couple of quiet hours. Then Mike’s cousin, Vicki, who lives outside Houston near the coast, came to hang out with us. We tried a popular Mexican restaurant for dinner and were left unimpressed. Then we hit Cold Stone creamery at La Centerra for dessert, which was much better. Having a social visit made things feel much more homey and normal than they had till now.

Unfortunately Alex decided to keep Mike and I awake from 2 to 4am last night. So being exhausted this morning we opted to put off church shopping one more week. Instead we headed to the Animal Planet Expo, a big traveling exhibit being held at a local park. We knew it would be brutally hot so we only planned to stay a short while, but it was fun. Fun for Nathan mostly, with bouncehouses and games and lots of booths geared for his age group. Tons of cute doggies walking around too. Unfortunately Alex got too hot and really started to fuss, so we had to leave before seeing all the booths. We stopped briefly for Mike and Nathan to run, fully clothed, through a splash park while I waited under a tree with Alex and fed him bottled water.

The car thermometer said it was only 93 but it felt like 110 to us. I think no matter how hard I try to coat myself in sunscreen every day, I’m gonna be excessively freckled and tan till maybe Christmas. It just goes with having kids that want to be outside, but it makes me VERY motivated to have our covered patio built in our backyard as soon as humanly possible.


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  1. >Kudos on the green power choice.


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