>Wine to Water

>This is the cartoon version of me. Can you tell?

I’m very excited because I actually have a social event tonight. Of the kidless variety. When I emailed someone in my local trade organization that I was moving to Houston, he invited me to a fund raiser for Water for People. Water for People is a non-profit I support that helps deliver clean drinking water and sanitation to the third world. Anyway the event is at a little winery in the hip restaurant and bar district of Houston called Montrose. I’ve never been down there, so I’m curious.

I posted a need for a babysitter on Craigs List and I got a ton of replies, and the first one seems highly qualified and reasonably priced so I hired her. Now I have a list of backups for the future too! Unfortunately my post for a part-time nanny for Alex has come up empty so far.

So this wine-tasting thing is not only a cool social event, it’s a way for me to meet new people, AND it’s good for my business so I can expense it! wOOt!


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  1. >Maybe in one of your new mom groups someone will be able to direct you to a part time nanny. Good luck on the settlement.


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