>Moving Day


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Well yesterday we closed on the new house, the POD was removed and the sidewalk concrete slab was poured. Today the truck with all our stuff arrived and a team of non-english speaking dudes brought it all in the house. They were very nice, and it was kinda cute watching them try to say numbers correctly in English as we checked off our numbered inventory list. One guy pulled me aside privately and asked if I needed a house cleaner. I said heck yeah and he gave me a business card for his sister.

The house looks even bigger now with our furniture in it. There is a lot of empty space, especially in the den and master bedroom. The only room that may be really overstuffed would be the toy room 🙂 But we’ll see when the guys come back to finish unpacking the boxes tomorrow. As I unpacked a few boxes today, I was a bit overwhelmed with the “stuff” that really is not too useful, that got pulled from the back of a closet or something. I believe I will be doing even MORE purging very soon.

We are sleeping in the apartment for one more night because we still need to unpack bedlinens and towels and such. But after spending much of the day at the house, I really miss it. I’m going to bed now so that morning will be here soon and I can go back. I’m ready to be done with apartment living!


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Welcome to your new home! Sounds exciting!


  2. >Congrats!!! It sounds great!


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