>Getting Settled

>We worked our tails off this weekend! Who’d have thunk that the house would look so much worse AFTER they unpacked all the boxes. What a mess. Having so many boxes marked “basement” and not having a basement here made it extra interesting. There are still quite a few unpacked boxes in the garage, and every once in awhile I find something missing a part that is probably still in one of those boxes. But the house is finally livable. All the clothes are put away, the living room and kitchen are pretty organized. Our master closet turned out to be much bigger than we realized, mainly because of hanging two rows of bars on top of each other. So now I still have tons of space for NEW CLOTHES! 🙂

My office is still in complete disarray though, because Mike needs to do some repairs to our cheap bookshelves before we can load them up. I can’t stand to even sit in there, it’s just piles of books, files, and pictures.

Tomorrow a team of experts come to set up the pool table. Mike is super excited about having his own “man space” again. He has already bragged to the neighbors about it and invited them over for pool and football.

Speaking of neighbors, we have met a whole bunch of them and they are all super friendly. WAAAY friendlier than northerners, although most of them are transplants. It appears that every house on our entire street contains children, most of them preschool or elementary school age. They are having a baby boom too, with two newborns in August and three or four more due this fall. I am hoping some of them will let me take photos! 🙂 This morning it was fun to watch SO many parents and kids going off to the first day of school. Lots of parents taking photos on their front porches or at the bus stops. A parade of minivans flowing out of the neighborhood and around the corner to the school, which is across from our daycare. I can’t wait to get this house in order so I can start inviting people over.

The only bummer is people really do complain about the heat alot here. I don’t see why, it’s just a fact of life and it doesn’t really bother me. Some folks have already said they miss the snow. I might miss it a little, but I doubt it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Oh I am jealous of the man space.


  2. >Yeah I bet. He said it is the one room in the house that he gets to set up and decorate the way he wants. I can see the flat screen and the beer signs coming.


  3. >flat screen tv and beer signs are a must in a man space. Can not forgot a bar if there is space in time there will be a bar. Show us some pictures of the new house when you are settled.


  4. >Tell Mike I have “Man Space” envy…


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