>Sleeping Monkey


Sleeping Monkey
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This photo was taken Tuesday morning on the way home from a Moxie Moms meeting at Bounce U, an inflatable jumping place for kids. It was well past time for Alex’s morning nap and he had a great time in the moonbounce. Add that to getting into a stiflingly hot car and he was out in minutes. It was fun meeting a few new moms and their kids.

Alex is cruising around furniture pretty well now, and occasionally standing freely for a few seconds before plopping down to the floor.

Tuesday night I went to a meeting of the Ladies of Cinco Ranch, a social club for our community. That was more intimidating, since most of the women seemed to know each other and were slighly older. It was just a meet and greet time for signing up for activities, so no formal introductions of anyone. I did manage to meet a girl my age who had just moved here from Pittsburgh two months ago and we chatted a long time and exchanged info. We both signed up for the wine club and agreed to see each other again at the first gathering in a couple weeks. The only problem is my evenings are going to be really busy that week with MOPS starting Monday night, a ladies Bible study I’m interested in starting Tuesday night, and the wine club meeting Wednesday night. That would not leave me with a happy husband.

Hopefully over this four-day weekend we can get the rest of the boxes unpacked and everything put away. I want to start hanging pictures and shopping for furniture and decor….the fun stuff!


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  1. >WOW, when you move to a new place you really get going.You’re the social butterfly of the mid west!


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