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New fridge
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My house is finally looking decent. A little lacking in decor, but most everything is put away in it’s place. We have so many plans that we made a list in order to prioritize. My goal is to be ready for entertaining by Christmas. I plan to get some design ideas at the Katy Fall Home and Garden show this weekend, as well as by touring the model home park. Yes, Cinco Ranch has so much building going on that they have a little neighborhood of nothing but model homes by different builders.

In case you were wondering, we didn’t get one drop of rain from Gustav. Some nice breezes, but we get those a lot so you’d never know it was from a hurricane. I keep telling myself I don’t mind the heat here, but I think the problem may just be that after months of the same weather you just get sick of it. Still I’d rather have months of sunshine and heat than months of cloudy, wet, bone-chilling days.

5 responses to this post.

  1. >Gorgeous place!


  2. >Beautiful! Congratulations and may you have happy, healthy years in your new place. PS – Maybe a tapestry for over your mantel? I got a nice one from Overstock.com a few years ago, though not as big as what you’ll probably need.


  3. >I love all the pictures. The house is gorgeous. I say a beautiful canvas of the boys over the mantel in the living room. I am so glad you are settling in quickly.


  4. >Place looks nice.


  5. >I love your kitchen – so beautiful!! Hope you enjoy the home show today!


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