>The Bonds of Cyberspace

>This story grabbed me this morning, took hold of me and would not let go. As I sat pouring through the story and blog of Stephanie Nielson, I find myself moved. That connections between people who have never met can run so deep. That a woman can celebrate life and motherhood in an uplifting way and bless others deeply by it. And that our world is so small and interrelated and the internet is making that more clear every day.

I’ve had a tough time this week dealing with the nastiness being spread around the internet regarding the Presidential election. I realize people are passionate about their candidates, their positions. People believe they are right and the other side is completely clueless. Therein lies the rub…people on both sides of the aisle are allowing themselves to become so narrow-minded as to honestly believe that people on the other side are just flaming idiots, selfish and ignorant, with the IQs of Mike Tyson. Then the mudslinging begins. The shame of it is, people I previously had great respect for, irregardless of their political views, have been reduced to snarky ugliness. It is unbecoming of all of us.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t discuss the election, but lets show an ounce of restraint and decorum and most especially RESPECT for each other. Come on people, I know you can find reasons to respect each and every one of the candidates. It’s this mob mentality, fueled in part by the media, that gets me. People start making sweeping accusations of other people of being gigantic liars and all kinds of other nasty things.

Ok back to the article linked above. If you don’t think people hundreds and thousands of miles apart, who have never met in person, can’t be real friends, you don’t get it. My homegirls from my babycenter.com birthclub have been there for me everyday of this whole move, helping me not feel so isolated in a new town where I know nobody. My real friends and family are good too, but they lead busy lives and I can’t talk to them every day. I’ll have plenty of local friends soon enough, but for now my “cyber” friends are gettin’ me through.


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  1. >Honestly, I am exhausted and disillusioned by politics, so I’ve completely tuned out.In my mind, they’re all just salespeople, anyway, saying what everyone wants to hear and promising it all, then walking away.


  2. >Hear, hear. I realize that not everyone has the same beliefs I do, and that’s okay. But the way things have gone in the past week or so is just ridiculous. Each side is just as guilty of mudslinging, lies, and flip-flopping as the other. Yet some people can only see only their side of things, and they have no respect for others’ beliefs.


  3. >I can not agree with you more. It is ok to believe in different things, it is ok to be on different sides of the political fence but there is no reason to be mean and hurtful towards others. I read the post you mentioned and the woman’s blog. wow it is amazing the ties of the internet. I am happy I met you blogging and was lucky enough that we lived near eachother. You can call me anytime you know where I am and I would love to talk to you.


  4. >Well said, all around.


  5. >I believe in Santa.


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