>OK, so for those of you wanting to know, here’s our plan. We have our hurricane survival kit and have chosen to “shelter in place” as they say. (We’re learning all these common phrases around here. The city officials have issued mandatory evacuations for the coastline, but we are in a non-evacuation zone. In order to keep the highways clear for the coastal folks who are in danger of the storm surge, they want everybody else to stay put. This being our third hurricane threat since we moved here, we are already very stocked on water. We have flashtlights and candles and all sorts of things. We have moved all of our patio furniture, sandbox, grill, and both cars inside.

A couple of our neighbors have boarded up their windows, but they say it’s really nothing to worry about, we never even lose power. We are hoping Mike’s cousin and her pregnant friend will come from the coast and stay with us.

If we should lose power for a long time, we might drive to Dallas and stay at my aunt’s house, even though my aunt isn’t there right now. No AC in this heat could be bad.

So there ya go! They are predicting 85-110 mph winds in our town. We hope our double paned windows will hold up. We shall see.

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  1. >Oy vey. Good luck, hon. Batten down the hatches, as they say. (Do they say that?)


  2. >Stay safe!I will be thinking of you guys.


  3. >Your preparations sound great. Perhaps you should fill the bathtubs with water and make large ice blocks out of any large storage containers you have. Good luck. We will be praying for you.


  4. >The news online said of Ike, “Forecasters warn it could send a surge of water crashing toward Houston.”Maybe you should change the name of your blog and leave town!!Hope things turn out okay for you all —


  5. >Good to read that. Be well.


  6. >I should say that we have made a lot of ice and we will fill the tubs with water. Also our neighbor has a pool which will be helpful if we lose water for long enough to empty the tubs, but I kinda doubt that will happen. Our three adult guests, one in utero guest, and four doggie guests are on their way here this morning. One website that is supposed to tell you the max wind speed you’ll see based on zipcode tells us 68 mph. If that’s all our windows should be ok. We do have special hurricane straps that tie our roof down from the foundation 🙂


  7. >Good luck, sounds like you are well prepared! Hopefully it will all be unnecessary planning and Ike will leave your house alone. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend and hope to see good news come next week.


  8. >Good Luck with Ike and keep us posted. His brother Gustav was my first hurricane experience. We were blessed with only downed trees and debris, but it was still scary.My fingers are crossed and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.


  9. >Stay safe.


  10. >So, which is worse, cold and snow or hurricanes? And yes, video would be good!


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