>Hunkering Down By Candlelight


Well, not anymore thank goodness. Life is still not normal here and I don’t think it will be for quite some time. Even though we were spared of damage or long power outages, all around us it is a disaster area and so many we know and don’t know are affected. It breaks my heart and makes me eager to help anyone I can.

Schools here are still closed tomorrow. Not sure about Mike’s office yet. My grandparents yard is a mess but their house is intact. Mike’s cousin Vicki’s apartment is mostly ok and her power is back on so she and her two friends went home today. Her friends (now ours too I guess!) don’t have power yet and may not get it for weeks because of a specific local problem. I hope they get it fixed fast. They seem pretty upset about losing all their super tall trees too. Oh and Vicki may not have a job for quite some time, her hospital sustained major damage. Another mom I know near me lost a big portion of her roof and has a lot of water damage.

It’s a mess everywhere you look here. Parts of the Bolivar peninsula and Galveston island were just wiped clean, all that you can see left are the stilts where the houses once stood, there isn’t even any wreckage left. People are desperate for food, water, ice and fuel. Pray for the Houston area, we need it.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >That looks so romantic I think we can look forward to reading about a baby Ike in nine months.Glad you are safe.


  2. >I’m praying for them. They have never left my thoughts for a moment. After seeing the destruction of both Gustav and Ike, I know how blessed I truly am.


  3. >I saw picture, HOLY COW! I hope it doesn’t take too long for some normalcy to return to these folks.Our Houston office was closed yesterday and today. Hopefully the people who have to work there haven’t had things destroyed.


  4. >I can assure you, listening to a hurricane by candlelight is NOT romantic. It is nothing but nerve wracking. Praying the windows and roof will hold. The noise is incredible. There will not be any babies in this house in 9 months.


  5. >the candles look pretty to most, I’m sure, but all I can think of is looking at them being so HOT, and listening to the awful sound of the hurricane.At least we were all some place safe, and not alone! I can’t even believe how lucky I am, having been powered up so soon after the storm! And to be back at the offcie!~cousin Vicki and her evacuee dogs


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