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Canine Evacuees
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So it seems this week I have discovered not one, but TWO (unrelated) people with whom I have some sort of internet connection live in my neighborhood. I’m talking, within a very short walk of my house. Yes it’s a little strange. When we first moved here I learned that one of my sales reps lives in my ‘hood too. I guess I chose a VERY popular place to live. Funny considering how many people on the Houston relocation forums continually bash south Katy for its “soul-crushing sameness”. I guess some people prefer the ghetto.

Also this week I have spent a good deal of time with the neighbors and gotten to know them better. I’m starting to see who I relate to and who I might not. But they are all super friendly. We have a fantastic block.


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  1. >There **IS** a teeth-grindingly mundane homogenized texture-free vanilla-ness to the S Katy/Cinco area — that’s a fair statement to make… so long as you are inside that vanilla-ness and therefore speaking from experience as opposed to theorizing and slanderizing from outside (usually from some equally soulless yet slightly less monolithic development which has never and will never achieve the critical mass required even for widely accepted exaggerations, satires and outright lies).IOW, they hate us for our pool facilities.8^p…B


  2. >I do not mind the same-ness of the area one bit. In fact, my neighborhood and Cinco in general is far less ethnically homogenized than people led me to believe. My street alone is exceedingly diverse…racially, not socio-economically of course. Anywho, nope that was not us on Falls Canyon, you must live behind KRK, whereas I live across Gaston and behind the culvert from you. My backyard looks out on Kilpatrick’s playground. Still, a stone’s throw away.


  3. >I am curious as to who the internet connections are?


  4. >I am with William on that, I am curious as well????


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