>Sunrise over the Bayou


Sunrise over the Bayou
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom

Hope is dawning in Houston this morning. Our church decided to put together a Community Worship service at the YMCA, inviting all the dozen or more local churches who hold their regular services at Katy ISD schools, which are closed this week. One of the other churches I was thinking of visitng meets at a high school right now, but I don’t know if anyone from that church attended our service this morning. If they did I’m sure they were a bit out of place, considering the church we visit now has a rock band for a worship team. The church we were considering trying is the very traditional type. I vastly prefer the rock style worship but I also want the message to have some meat. So far I’ve been impressed.

My point is, worship this morning was amazing. We were asked to bring food for Katy Christian Ministries, since food pantrys all over the city are going bare due to so many folks and grocery stores with no power. We were also asked to give blood at a mobile unit parked outside. I still haven’t done this, and I admit it’s because I’m a big chicken. It’s terrible, I know. We were also asked to sign up for one or more of many opportunties to serve the community during the hurricane recovery process. I hope I can somehow help.

This disaster has turned everyone’s plans and priorities upside down. Everyone is reminded suddenly of what’s important in life. I only hope that I can have conversations that count, and that I can love people until they ask me why.


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