I don’t remember teething being such a problem for Nathan. Poor Alex just seems to be in so much pain sometimes. Like today, when I attempted to have lunch at La Finca with some Moxie Moms. After taking the kids for a haircut and a big grocery trip. And not giving Alex a nap because I’m trying to shift him to one nap. Yeah, see it building to critical mass?

I can’t remember the last time I had to leave a restaurant or event immediately due to a screaming child. He was fine right up until my our food arrived, of course. Nathan didn’t touch his lunch, I scarfed down three bites while trying to find something…anything to pacify Alex. Speaking of pacifiers….I suppose a binky might have helped in this situation. Alex didn’t touch his enchilada either. Hey, at least we consumed our drinks. There was no time to wait for to-go boxes either, barely enough time to pay my check and bolt. Thank goodness we were in a private room, and it was all moms of small children. They know!

Yesterday was not much better. It was Alex’s first day of daycare, and of course he also had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, with four shots. Then after the shots when I took him to school, suddenly the desk girl tries to tell me they don’t do part-time for his age group. I believe she honestly expected me to say “Ok, no problem.” We had a big argument wherein I explained my position after being on the waiting list there for two months. In the end they let me go part-time but at a much higher rate than I was quoted. Bad business. If it weren’t so incredibly convenient I’d pull both kids out.

But Alex did fine, I watched him nap on the little webcam. Of course he burst into tears when I came to pick him up, just to let me know he was ticked off. Who knows, maybe his teeth were bugging him then too…he does a lot of biting my shoulder these days.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >When Isaac’s molars were coming in, I used to slice up bananas and freeze them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (or wax paper). It worked great because the slices dissolve immediately upon impact with gums/teeth. Just a thought. Hope he feels better soon. That sucks about the day care.


  2. >poor Alex I hope his teeth stop bothering him soon. Daycare is a pain sometimes atleast they let him go part time.


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