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It’s kinda funny watching Nathan develop freckles like I have. Right now it’s just a cute sprinkling, and his extensive time in the Texas sun certainly adds to the freckling.

Both kids were pretty crabby this weekend, Alex because he wasn’t feeling well and Nathan because we giving Alex some preferential treatment. Nathan is having trouble learning that Alex is a person who can play with certain toys and Nathan can’t just snatch them away. He also has trouble getting that Alex is a baby and babies play differently, like knocking over towers rather than building them higher and higher.

Since Alex couldn’t go to church yesterday morning, I went in the evening for our once a month communion service. It was two hours long, but great. The student pastor talked about what teens wish parents knew about them. Very interesting.

I finally registered to vote and I’m anxious for election day to be here so we can end all the bickering. I hope there is no controversy over the actual vote. I will say that I watched the VP debate on Thursday and SNL on Saturday and they nailed it, it was so funny. I like Sarah Palin but Tina Fey as Sarah Palin is great. They guy that did Biden was pretty good too.


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  1. >i look forward to watching SNL this thursday to see how they do with it. last night’s debate was. . .tedious.


  2. >The SNL stuff has been great. Max and Wyatt are at two different play levels as well and it makes it very difficult and intreresting.


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