>We Are…


We Are…
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Penn State!!! What a weekend. Texas (my second fave team) beats #1 Oklahoma. Two other teams ranked above us lose. We SPANK Wisconsin in Madison.

And we had a great time at the Chris and Maureen’s Oktoberfest party. The homebrew was tasty! Nathan loooooved the moonbounce, no surprise.

Only bad part was Alex’s first haircut. Yes, the curls are gone. It was the worse haircut experience I’ve ever had, and I will never go back there. I have already written five scathing reviews online of the place I shall not mention.

But the rest of the day has erased any bad feelings the hairdresser left me with.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >What the heck happened at the hairdressers? Glad the rest of the weekend was fun. Look at how little Alex was.


  2. >So funny! I just found your blog and the Texas Longhorns are my #1 team and Penn State is my #2 team! I thought I was the only other woman out there excited about the turn of events in college football this weekend.


  3. >Where have you been lately? Is everything okay?


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