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PENN STATE!! I was too nervous going into this game to make any predictions. I am a doubter. I always think if I get too hopeful I will be let down. But they pulled it out tonight. Terrell Pryor is crying in his helmet. JoePa is very likely going to the National Championship game at 82 years old. I’m booking the hotel room for Mike in Miami, because our schedule for the rest of the year is cake. Sweeeeeeeet.


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  1. >Congratulations PSU. As I heard pryor speak after the game and saw all the post game shots they were showing I said to myself… They are gonna rake this kid over the coals. He is still innocent enough to still be in the moment and hasnt learned to protect himself yet. I wonder how you would feel if this was your adorable son you show on yoursite. His crying moment is all you can take from this. Christian huh? I didnt think we would win this game (OSU) but hope Pryor is tough enough to take what he has set himself upfor. As if he is the only losing player to cry. He was just to young to protect himself. Julie


  2. >Oh give me a break! You’re gonna chastise me for pointing out that the most highly touted quarterback in college football was crying after the game? It’s a GAME, don’t make it personal.


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