>Someone mentioned last night that those of us who are students, grads, or fans of Penn State are part of a big family. We have been very fortunate to have known and loved Joe Paterno during his tenure as coach of the Nittany Lions. It is highly likely that this is his last year coaching, and the kids of the future really won’t know what greatness they missed out on. So for all the die-hards like me, here’s one to remember.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >that was great. I still can not believe he is coaching. I really do wonder if this year will be his last.


  2. >i don’t think it will. he really lives for the work. i think it keeps him young, active, and so on.honestly, when he retires, it will be because he is nearing death’s door.and as far as i can tell, he’s far from that now.


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