>Why I Am Not Sad This Morning


I think these words from John Piper pretty much sum up exactly why I am not devestated that Barack Obama was elected our President. (Except for the Sarah Palin bit.) I AM overjoyed that in this country we have come so far past racism that we elected a black man into the highest office in our nation. It really does say to me that our personal opportunities are boundless. Racism is a great evil, and I know it is not dead, but hope and equality are speaking louder today. But I do not agree with Obama’s policies or positions, on the economy, on healthcare, on the war, and mostly on abortion. So why am I so at peace? Because GOD is sovereign in this world! He holds the globe in his hand and as long as He is my King, I have nothing to fear.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >I am a firm Obama supporter, and am so happy to read this. I hope that we can all join together and acheive great things as a country. I too believe that God has us all in his hand… and that he chose Obama as our next leader for a reason. Here’s to a huge step forward for civil rights and race relations. And here’s to being hopeful for our country’s future!


  2. >Good for you! Your words are inspiring. I was a bit upset this morning, because I do not agree with his positions either. You reminded me that God is in control, and we need to put the country is His hands…and end the hate towards the man in charge of the country.


  3. >I agree, totally, with what Meegs said.what you said was lovely!


  4. >I don’t know the guy in the video, and I couldn’t watch it in its entirety, because his voice bugs me. I’m sure he’s a good guy; I’m just audio-sensitive, and he and I are not a good fit.HOWEVER, I do agree with your post, that He’s got the whole world in His hands. Increasingly, I believe this presidency can be a very good thing for us all. Paraphrasing Senator Obama, it’s time. This is the moment for this to happen. I hope we can all make the most of it. Oh, and I invoked your name in my post yesterday.


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