>Hooray for Fridays and Houston Weather


A New Day
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Can I just say for the record how much I LOVE Houston weather? I know it’s not good for the water situation but it seems to NEVER rain here. Well not consistantly for days on end like it does in Philly. There seems to always be a smattering of little clouds that simply add texture to a gorgeous BLUE sky. I thank God every day for the sunshine, it really lifts my spirit.

And I love Fridays, because I love weekends and the chance to spend more time with my family. Unfortunately I still have lingering sinus pain issues, despite all sorts of drugs and using my neti pot regularly. The neti pot helps me be able to breathe clearly but it is not taking away the painful headache and earache.

So I broke down and asked some friends for a doctor recommendation. I got several glowing reviews for one nearby female family doctor, so I made an appointment…unfortunately they can’t see me till next Wed. In the meantime I googled her and as it turns out she is the same doctor I read about in the news a few months ago when her husband tried to have her murdered. So I had mixed feelings about seeing such a “celebrity”, but I figured if no one went to her because of her terrible situation that would be awful.


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  1. >First, I’m sorry the sinus stuff persists. I have problems with that, too.Then, I want to commend you for seeing that highly-recommended doc in spite of the scandal. Sounds like she became famous through no fault of her own. I am acutely aware of how much our reputations can be altered by the actions of those around us.


  2. >Did he try to murder her or vice versa?


  3. >Oh my goodness, HE tried have HER murdered via hitman. He’s in jail now for 12 years.


  4. >The sinus stuff is kinda sorta one of the side items that’s on the same plate as the great fall weather: all this temperate dry weather leads to hellacious allergens, and ooey-gooey way-nasty muy-grosso sinus infections are a none too unusual October and November deal.Just eat more hot peppers.Meanwhile, good luck on gearing up for winter — I hear it falls on a Tuesday this year….B


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