>Test Shots


Test Shots
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom

Just when I say it never rains, it does. But that’s ok, I’m actually praying for overcast skies next Saturday. I’m doing a photoshoot for a neighbor and she insists on mid-morning. So I have been looking all over for a shady spot with some nice background. I took these test shots of the boys on Saturday morning and the light was horrible. So I haven’t found a good spot yet and I’m getting nervous. We have no trees on my end of town đŸ™‚

So Penn State had a devestating loss on Saturday, dashing our National Championship dreams. So no Miami trip for Mike. Hopefully we’ll still go to the Rose Bowl if we win our last two games. That’s still pretty good.

We did a lot of furniture shopping on Saturday and came up empty-handed. I have an exact vision in my head for the kind of coffee table I want but I can not find it anywhere. It’s big and square, with dark brown wood and a glass top, with drawers and/or shelves underneath, but not all the way to the floor so you can still slide your toes underneath. I can’t even find a rectangular one that I really love. We also need a bed bench and a pub table for Mike’s game room. Not to mention the custom drapes for my great room windows. Guess it would help to have someone come in and measure for them đŸ™‚


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