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First I will take this opportunity to vent. I went to a new doctor this morning for my chronic sinus issues. She was cool and I got a prescription for an antibiotic and some fancy new antihistamine. Then she suckered me into getting a flu shot, something I’ve never done because I hate shots. Well, it may be the last one I get because OW!! It hurt going in and 12 hours later my arm is still throbbing. My arm distracted me from work today, it hurt so much. And of course the fancy new allergy drug is not covered, so I didn’t get it after all.

Also I had my grandparents over for dinner again. I know it meant a lot to them, but cooking a big dinner and entertaining them with two needy kids just home from school and no spouse home yet is a PITA. But I know they are a big part of why God called us to move here. So I will do what I can.

And now some thoughts that many of my readers will just go…huh?

Ok so my old church hired a new pastor and he has a blog, which has led me to some really great theological and political reading material. I made a big discovery recently that not all Baptists are Arminiens, or “free-will” salvation believers. This particular pastor is some kind of Baptist, but claims to be of the reformed belief. I have also discovered John Piper (the guy in the video I posted about the election) who is also Baptist and reformed. This is important to me because I am a firm Calvinist in a land of Baptists. I am even pro- covenantal infant baptism, and this is a problem for me because all these churches I like are not, and I was baptised as an infant. I have had some doubts about my baptism position, but never any doubts on election, although I was willing to join a church that did not teach on election. So now I am probing much deeper into all these issues with my own personal reading, and I’m dying to ask the teaching pastor at my church what he believes.

Also? My new ladies Bible study was great last night, Priscilla Shirer, daughter of Dr. Tony Evans, is an awesome speaker. So motivating to live with a God-consciousness every minute of every day. Try it sometime, it changes things.


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  1. >Welcome to the South. It’s definitely eye opening living amongst a sea of Baptists when you come from the north. I go to a FreeWill Baptist church, so I’m no help here. (although I was raised and baptized in the Catholic church.)


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