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My family is complaining I don’t update my blog enough. What they don’t realize is that by never leaving comments on my blog, they make me think no one is reading. So why would I update for THEM if I get no feedback? Ahem…please leave COMMENTS.

The weekend started out not so good when our babysitter got sick and cancelled for Friday night. Would’ve been our first date night in months. Oh well, my awesome neighbor has graciously offered to watch the kids this weekend to show her teenage son that changing diapers is no big deal. He wants to babysit but is a bit nervous.

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to another neighbor’s house for a photoshoot of her family. I was very disappointed that it was so cold and windy outside we had to do most of the shots indoors, and her house was very dark so I had to use flash. Also the two year old was bouncy so the session was short. I spent some time proofing this weekend and she will have some decent, but not spectacular shots to choose from.

Penn State won again, so that was good. Then we went to a furniture store and Mike bought a pub table and stools for his game room. They are very fancy looking and were not super cheap. But I still could not find a coffee table I like. I am very picky, but Mike thinks we shouldn’t spend a lot of money on a table that the kids will abuse. I say we have the money to spend now and I’m tired of cheap furniture.

I’ve mentally started planning a big holiday open house. Guess I’d better get some invitations out soon.

Church was good as usual, we got to tour the new building and we took magic markers and wrote on the gym floor the names of people we would like to have a powerful, meaningful, life changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This week they will lay the gym floor down over the names we wrote and we commit to praying for those people daily.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >I am still reading.


  2. >Yes, comments from family, please! I still read, but don’t have a whole lot of time on my hands to comment on all my blogs these days. Great job on the pics. Take care of yourself, chica. And stop being so darn picky!


  3. >Hey~ this family member reads your blog on occasion! Any time you know you may need a babysitter, I can always come up and spend the night! After all, you let me and my crew stay for days on end! Have a good week 🙂


  4. >Hooray for comments! Thank you much ladies 🙂 And Vicki be careful what you offer…


  5. >I am sorry that I don’t comment, but I DO READ! You moved away and now you blog less than ever!!!! I miss my boys!!! OK they are your boys, but I really miss them!! I am glad you are happy in Texas, but it is FAR! We will miss you at thanksgiving. Debbie is coming with her two. Want to come? Love, Mom


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