>Happy Humpday


Happy Birthday to Me
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This photo is a reminder for MY FAMILY who supposedly is reading and might be so inclined, although not obligated, to put a card in the mail so it gets to me by Saturday. Some people, including me, have a very hard time remembering birthday cards in time for the pathetic USPS to do their job.

An aside; I’m rather annoyed by the USPS here in Katy. We have NO post office anywhere near us. I still have not located the closest one. I scheduled a package pickup from my house and my carrier failed to pick it up, resulting in it getting soaked by rain. When I called to complain I was told I have to call my “local” annex, only between 8-5pm. This is why Fed Ex and UPS are taking over the world, and I am happy to pay them a little extra for their good service.

Last night I went to the ladies Bible study at the church we’ve been regularly attending. This study has been far better than the sex study. It’s called Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed and it covers the life of David. First Pricilla Shirer talks about being annointed for two weeks, then Beth Moore talks about being Transformed for two weeks and then Kay Arthur talks about being Redeemed for two weeks. I must say I was kind of unimpressed with Kay Arthur who wrote the whole sex study, but I have been VERY impressed by the other two ladies. I should say blessed, I have been blessed by their words. I’m always a little skeptical and nervous when I listen to powerful preachers on TV, especially women, but these women have both spoken of the headship of their husbands and both have said things that are not in any way “gospel lite”, which is what I see from so many TV preachers.

Also at study last night I ended up in a small group conversation with the ladies ministry leader, who apparently grew up Presbyterian and essentially switched to Baptist and is now a big proponant of “seeker-friendly” churches like ours. She did some Presbyterian bashing that made me wince, since I still consider myself most closely affiliated with that denomination. She also doesn’t seem to realize that our church is still very different from most seeker-friendly churches I’ve been to…our pastors preach expositorily (is that a word?) and they don’t water down the truth. But I do have some issue with things like only having baptisms and communion during our once monthly evening service. Which leaves me wondering still if this is the church for us.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >Happy Birthday, Sarah.


  2. >Happy birthday! I see you turned three this year.Lookin’ good there.


  3. >Thanks but it’s not till Saturday and that photo is two years OLD, LOL.


  4. >I would send you a card but I HATE THE POST OFFICE! Hate it! So instead I will send you something on Saturday just not through USPS!Happy Early Birthday!


  5. >there’s a lot to be said for a seeker friendly church who still doesn’t water down the truth and focuses on expository sermons. The church we just left turned suddenly “seeker-sensitive” and many of us just as suddenly began feeling spiritually starved for “meat”. that said, i think baptisms and communion only once a month and at night services wouldn’t work well for me either. and it’s never okay to bash other Christian denominations…really, not okay to bash anyone, as a Christian. okay, i think i’ve droned on enough in small case letters.happy birthday, MM.


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