>First I must state for the record that I hate Walmart. Can’t stand it, the last few times I’ve been there for an emergency reason I vowed never to return. The closest Walmart to our old house was in Audobon, a nice area between Collegeville and Norristown. The stores around it are all pretty decent, with even some good restaurants in the same plaza and across the street. You’d think it would be a nice Walmart. NOPE, it was always filthy dirty, with merchandise strewn about and missing all over the place. There was never anyone to help you. The store was always filled with lower income families with obnoxious children. This was my experience with every Walmart I’d ever been to.

Until today. We live in a very nice, NEW, upper income suburb of Houston. They are building tons of new subdivisions around us, and the retail is following. So they just built a brand new Walmart down the road a couple miles from me. It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, not yet even surrounded by houses. So since it’s so new I thought I’d check it out. I was impressed by the grocery selection, much more than even my favorite SuperTarget. The prices were good too. I was even impressed by some of the ladies clothes and the associated prices. Mainly because the store was empty and all the clothes were displayed SO NICELY. So I think I will be back…at least for a little while till the rest of the world catches on.


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  1. >Would you believe a Walmart just opened in KoP? I haven’t been there because I don’t go to Walmarts, but everyone says it’s very nice. (I say give it a few months, it just opened, give it some time to get junked up.)


  2. >I thought I was the only one who had those same impressions of Wal Mart? I now shop at Target, don’t go anywhere near the Wal Mart and there two in my area.It’s sad to say that alot of the Camden folks come to the Wal Mart in Cherry Hill. I always feel like the employees have the same low opinion of the store and then you get the obnoxious people coming and what a combination!


  3. >I love Walmart I know it is nasty in so many ways but you can’t beat the deals which actually really are not deals as they exploit people, but that is a story for another day. You are right the one in Audubon is nasty.


  4. >The Walmarts that I have shopped at here in Canada are well stocked clean and have helpful staffs in the main.Great electronic sections in them. The one in my town has just added a large grocery meat and bakery section with good prices.


  5. >Yes, that’s right I said low-income families with obnoxious children. I am not implying that all lower income families have obnoxious children, I am saying that the people who shopped at that Walmart had no respect for the store or other shoppers, and as teri pointed out, neither did the employees.




  7. >in the south, at least in my experience, walmart is different. i grew up with the walmarts of arkansas, and they were very nice. we liked going there like we like going to target here.but, when i moved north, i was like ‘what is up with the walmarts up here?’ and of course, the founder’s kids took over and did some things that would upset the founder.anyway, yeah, walmart is odd and i rarely go there. but, my mom went in to the one in KoP on friday (or was it a week ago friday) and she said it was much nicer than the other two near us.in case i need it. LOL!


  8. >I remember the days when Walmart proudly said everything on their shelves was made in the USA.Then the kids took over. And now everything is made in China.


  9. >i have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. I hate their produce here, though. It’s sub-standard.


  10. >There is only one Wal*Mart I’ll visit, and that’s the one out Rt 23 in Elverson. Otherwise, it’s Target for this snob. I really can’t stand it when stores are dirty and crowded. ICK.


  11. >I’ve not a big fan of Wal-Mart and tend to avoid it in favor of smaller businesses, but I am encouraged by what seems to be a turnaround in its policies, in particular its energy practices. I believe Wal-Mart is converting its truck fleet to hybrid and/or biodiesel. On the other hand, the new corporate logo is rather dismal, LOL.


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