>Waiting for Christmas


Waiting for Christmas
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It’s hard when you’re only four to understand that “Christmas” starts around Thanksgiving (sometimes just after Halloween!) and lasts a whole month long. Nathan keeps having to be reminded that Christmas is not tomorrow, not this week, not even next week. We keep trying to explain that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, but so far he doesn’t get that. I can’t imagine how hard it is for a four year old to understand that the Jesus who we talk to but can’t see is the same Jesus represented by the baby in all our nativities. (We have a lot of those, I kinda collect them) It is also amazing to me to see child-like faith in action, that a four year old will pray and say he loves Jesus just like mommy and daddy even though he’s never seen him. Sometimes he likes Jesus better than his baby brother!

Kids are super fabulous, and watching Nathan develop an imagination and a sharp memory and keen observations is a total blast.

I’m finally also feeling the benefit of us moving here to my grandparents. Last weekend they were both very sick enough to not be able to go out to eat (they rarely cook) so I brought them over a couple of meals and spent a few minutes talking to them. It was no big deal for me but I think it was a HUGE deal for them. Today I’m going to my grandfather’s Rotary Club to give a speech about Water for People, as a favor to him to fill a speaking slot they had. I’m a bit nervous as I always am when speaking in public but with years of practice I know I’m good at it and will do fine. I only wish I could talk about Christmas and my faith instead 🙂

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  1. >The whole not realizing that Christmas is kind of a season…my kid does not get it either…I think that is why they invented advent calendars. so the kid can count down the days.


  2. >Kids are so much fun!


  3. >How was the snow?


  4. >have you considered an advent calendar? i was at target today and saw one that has a nativity scene and little doors with space inside for a little treat or what have you.i think you could wrap the treat in a bible verse or part of the birth story of jesus and the 25th day is in the star above the baby.it was cute. on a sale rack too–one of those end caps in the furnishing section. . .might be worth a look.


  5. >we have two Advent calenders, one my aunt made that I’ve had since I was born and one with just numbers you flip over. I haven’t been doing a great job of reminding Nathan to put up a piece/flip one over each day, or of explaining repeatedly that each day is one less till Christmas. Jenifer I think your idea is brilliant and I may look for that one at Target. We have two toy nativities that Nathan loves to play with. (well, one hasn’t been opened yet)The snow was uneventful here in the west side of town. No big visible flakes and no sticking. My friends in Clearlake, down near the coast got way more than we did. If you’re on Facebook you might see their pics because I left comments on them. I’m jealous, but honestly I don’t miss that coooooold weather like we had yesterday. It’s supposed to be a sunshiney 65 degrees today and I’ll glad.


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