>Susie’s Annual Cookie Party


So before I get to designing wastewater plants this morning, I have other priorities. It’s time for Miss Susie’s Christmas blog party! So if you’re visiting here from there for the first time, welcome! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I baked quite a bit for my Christmas party this past weekend, but none of it was particularly fancy or completely from scratch.

The big hit was my hot spinach artichoke dip. So basically you buy a jar of Tostitos spinach dip, add in a bar of cream cheese, a half cup of mayo, and mix it all up, bake and enjoy. I like to sprinkle a little cheese on top before baking, this time I used mozzerella. I have this gorgeous new baking dish from Southern Living that fits into a wire basket that I normally use to hold tissue boxes, and you put a tea light in it to keep it warm.

Also since we just moved into this house and it was completely starkly undecorated, I’ve been keeping my husband busy hanging art and curtains and such. The biggest challenge were the huge windows in my great room.

But this room along with the second story catwalk was really fun to decorate for Christmas this year!

And I found some cute valances for my kitchen at the Linens N Things closeout, as well as some silk drapes for the dining room.
And finally I figured out some colorful curtains to dress up my bedroom a bit.

And later this week I will get my new coffee table and end tables for my great room, as well as a lovely bed bench for my bedroom! This is sort of how I’ve been celebrating Christmas early this season 🙂


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Merry Christmas to you. Alexander Hamilton by Chernow is an excellent book.


  2. >Your house is gorgeous…but I must admit that the rest of your post only had half my attention after you said “spinach artichoke dip.” Now I’ve drooled all over my best t-shirt!


  3. >Your first photo is making me hungry! Oh hey, look at that–it’s lunchtime!All your drapery panels look really nice, and I think the kitchen valances are cute too.Merry Christmas!


  4. >Great photos. You always do good in the decorating department.Thanks to William for that book recommendation. I’ve had this book at home for the longest but haven’t picked it up because it’s about 10 inches thick….now I must read.


  5. >Your table looks very inviting. I would never have dreamed of starting a dip that way (the Tostitos dip), but with your recommendation, I will try it!Your draperies are beautiful, nice job :)*gasp* I kid you NOT, my word verification is “elegat”Elegant, that’s what your curtains are.


  6. >I’m impressed. We’ve been in this house 5 years and I still don’t have curtains on all the windows.


  7. >Stopping by to admire your lovely party place. Merry Christmas!


  8. >Wow, the food and your house all look wonderful! And my word ver is funny, too. It’s ditero, like ditto what everyone else has said.:-)


  9. >Your house is GORGEOUS! Look at those windows!!!! Merry Christmas!


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