>Look at what Santa brought!


Christmas was good, enjoyed by all. On the 24th we had my Aunt Joan and her kids over for lunch along with my grandparents. They were here for a short visit from Santa Rosa, CA. It had been a long time since I’d seen them and it was very nice. We didn’t get to church because Alex was pretty fussy.

Christmas day the kids enjoyed discovering all that Santa had brought for them. Too many toys, apparently. Then we headed over to my grandparents’ house for a fabulous dinner.

Friday we put the kids in daycare just so that we could clean up the mess leftover from Christmas before my inlaws arrived. Mike’s folks and his uncle Ron flew in from PA Friday evening. So Saturday we had Christmas morning all over again with more presents, mostly toys. The good part was that the kids had so many new toys that the TV stayed off for several days, a nice change of pace.

Sunday Mike and Ron went to the Texans game and had a blast. Then Monday we had the first nice weather and the guys spent the day working on building a new playset in the backyard for the kids, a gift from my grandparents. They worked all day while Mike’s mom and I took the kids to the Houston Zoo. That was a great time for us.

They finished up the playset this morning and after lunch we headed down to Nasa’s SpaceCenter Houston. It was much too crowded for my liking, but I think everyone had fun. Then we met up with cousin Vicki for dinner at the Kemah boardwalk, a fun touristy place on the Galveston Bay. We rode the Kemah railroad and Nathan rode the merry-go-round. It was a long, tiring day for all.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >So…are you liking being in Texas?


  2. >Have a great time with your family and a happy new year!


  3. >Thanks TBG. William – yes, we like it here a lot. I would still probably prefer living in Philly, but life is pretty good here.


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