>Alex and the Butterfly


Alex and the Butterfly
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Alex has a binky habit. It used to be he only used the binky in his crib. But then once in awhile I would pick him up at daycare and find it in his mouth after a fussy afternoon. So when he got sick, I let him wander around the house with it. Now he would prefer to have it all the time. And he can talk enough to make his desire for it clear…to me at least. Now when he sleeps, he will have one in his mouth and one in each hand. It’s cute, but sometimes he wanders around the house carrying three at once. And then they get lost. I am tryinig to gradually cut back on non-bed binky use. But sometimes when we are out in public, it is the best solution to a vocal toddler.

I love that Alex talks now. Most of it is just baby gibberish, but there are a few words he gets. He has exactly the same facination with and pronounciation of “balloon” as Nathan did at his age…which is funny. Also if you say “Ready, Set….” he says “Go!!!” Actually having him clearly be able to understand me and follow directions is even better than him talking. He knows two signs…more and please.

The boys are very good about entertaining themselves, although it often involves wrestling or tackle-hugging which may end up in someone crying. They enjoy playing with their Geotrax trains and planes together, sometimes for as much as a half hour unsupervised until I hear screaming. Life with two boys is pretty good these days.


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  1. >Two of our four kids were binkie-suckers. We dreaded the process of breaking that habit, but a friend told us a cool trick: we introduced the idea of ‘The Binkie Faerie” who comes to take away binkies from Big Boys and Girls who have decided they are ready to let go of these baby accessories. The Binky Faerie usually leaves some toy or token, just like her friend the Tooth Faerie.Our three year old came to us and said “I think the Binkie Faerie is going to come tonight. I’m all growed up now.” He put his mouthplug under his pillow and we told him how cool it was that he was growing up so big, and the next morning he found the Binkie Faerie had left a Beanie Baby (zebra) in place of the pacifier.He named the zebra “Binky,” of course….BPS– thumbsuckers are far tougher to deal with: the law frowns upon swapping toys for thumbs.


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