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Anyone who doubts the effect of sunshine on attitude, health and well-being has never met me. Granted, my walk with God is in a different place now than it has been, but the nearly constant sunshine has a pretty dramatic affect. Of course, the caffeiene and pseudofedrine addictions may also be contributing to my energy levels. Not waking up in the middle of the night to address a crying child also helps.

This week I finally dragged my butt over to the YMCA and joined, only to have Alex start screaming hysterically the minute I put him in the kidzone. We went back yesterday and he stayed calm for 30 minutes while I hit the elliptical. It felt awesome to sweat but last night my limbs were SORE.

The next battle to tackle is my diet. I just really like food, especially sugar, and I use it as a substitute for the lack of social interaction I have most days. Anyway, a burger joint called Mooyah opened this week just down the block, and it is nearly identical to the Five Guys chain we loved back home. I am not much for burgers but I LOVE fries and I think Mooyah’s fries are the best I have ever had. They have some kind of secret ingredient, some taste that makes me want more and more. I ate WAY too many of those for dinner last night, and lunch the day before. So I will need to steer clear of THAT place.

This is gonna be a good month. The weather this weekend is fantastic and my church, The Fellowship and Cinco Ranch is having a big community family festival on Saturday as part of their 15th anniversary. We’ll be there. Then Tuesday we will join my grandparents for a Rotary Club Valentine’s dinner. Next Friday my church is hosting a kickass concert with Robbie Seay Band and Fee, two fantastic modern worship bands. We’ll be there too. Then my best friend Alexis comes to visit for a weekend, and then my mom is coming. Awesome.


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  1. >It’s funny, but when I’ve had some trying times in my life, I would be driving or out and the clouds would let some sun through and a beam would come down and I always felt it was God smiling at me. Still believe it is to this day.


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