>The Whining


Please? in color
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom

Thank goodness for the cuteness, because the whining is driving me nuts. There was a lot of whining this weekend. More words are popping out all the time, but no sentences yet.

Funny, blog-worthy moment of the weekend: Our pastor was making some announcments in church on Sunday, including the New Community service that would be held later that night. He said we would have the first baptism in our new baptismal pond…which is outside in the new garden. At this some people kind of gasped…because it was 34 degrees and windy outside. So Dave laughed and said “Yeah, that’ll be the test, ‘If you really love Jesus, GET IN THE WATER!'”


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Oh that cuteness could whine for a long time.


  2. >how can you ever say NO to that cuteness.AND William said it first….he’s got those puppy dog eyes.


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