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I don’t know that I’ve ever asked for prayer on this blog before. I know that many of my readers aren’t especially religious, but many are. And the Bible speaks frequently about the power of prayer…James says “The prayer of a righteous man is fervent and effective.” Jesus himself prayed many times to his Father, God. Why would He need to pray, when He himself IS God? Doesn’t God already know our problems and what we are praying for? Yes of course. And He is sovereign, in ultimate control of everything in the universe. But still he asks us to pray.

I believe in praying for little things and big things. This week it happens to be what I consider to be a pile up of little things. Alex has been sick ALL weekend. Finally I took him into the doctor today and he has an ear infection along with a bad chest cold with wicked asthma. So lots of drugs and round the clock care. After a very long and stressful morning at the doctor and pharmacy, I started to feel awful and came down with a sinus triggered migraine. The kind that makes you not want to move your head, lest you puke.

Then Mike called and announced that the daycare was sending Nathan home with possible pink eye. I was doubtful, but as the day wore on it appears they are right. So I need to take him to the doc tomorrow, and I should probably go to my doc as well.

My grandmother, who was in the hospital with anemia a couple weeks ago, seems to be short of breath again. But the lab messed up and she hasn’t got the results of her hemoglobin retest from last week yet. Her knee is REALLY bothering her and she is anxious to have it replaced, but needs to be healthy enough first, obviously. Have I mentioned she’s 90?

And finally my grandfather’s stress test came back with bad results. He needs a heart cathaterisation and they say almost definitely a balloon angioplasty to put in a stent, which they will do this Friday. He knows this is a common procedure, but he’s depressed by the news. Both his sons died of heart failure, and he doesn’t have a great history either.

So if you would, please pray for us. Pray for strength and comfort, as well as healing for my whole family. I know this will all pass, but the sooner the better.


12 responses to this post.

  1. >Praise God I’m healthy!


  2. >I’m sending prayers and good vibes your way.I hope everyone gets better, soon!


  3. >Hang in there! Good vibes coming your direction!


  4. >Absolutely I’ll be praying for you and yours! God bless you all!


  5. >I’ll get right on it. 🙂


  6. >Will do. Having a tough time around here with bad news, too. God bless you and your beautiful family.


  7. >You got it, darlin. Prayers for you and your family coming from Northern, IL.


  8. >Of course.


  9. >I’ll be praying for you. I would love your prayers as well. Hopefull we’ll all find healing soon.


  10. >Oh my goodness. You are certainly piled under this week. Praying for rest and healing for all of you.


  11. >Will def. keep you all, including you grandparents in my prayers. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to give me a call! Hope the kiddos and you all bounce back fast, and that your Grandpa’s heart cath goes well. Hang in there!!


  12. >Are they working?


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