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Picture Perfect
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Things have been a bit chaotic lately. So my grandfather’s heart cath did not go so well on Friday. He did need a stent and apparently his heart stopped three times after they put it in. They shocked it back three times. That freaks me out. Then they let him out of the hospital the very next morning! He is tired, but good.

Then on Monday the doctor called and told my grandmother to go back to the hospital to get more blood for her anemia. My grandfather really ought to be just home recouperating from his heart work, but he drove her to the ER and they waited ALL DAY for a room for her. I have been doing a lot of chauffering back and forth to the hospital between the two of them. Methodist hospital is downtown, so that’s a lot of miles back and forth every day. I don’t really mind though, I am just praying for them both to be heatlhy again. Moving here is teaching me a lot about having a servent’s heart for the Lord.

I’m supposed to do portraits for two of my neighbors, but those keep getting postponed due to sickness or family obligations. Still haven’t spent any money on new photography equipment yet, just keep pondering it. Mike is a little stressed out about this magazine he’s editing, so I can’t wait for that to be done. I’m sure he’ll be so proud of the finished product though.


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