>Playing With Color


Playing With Color
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Things are booming in the photography department. It’s all very exciting. I got an order for some prints from one of my neighbors, and I am loving the shots I’m getting from the session with my other neighbor’s baby. I’ve been updating my photography blog and about to announce a spring portrait special to my Moxie Moms group (500 members) and I suspect I’ll get some new clients through that. My Lightroom software came in the mail last week and it is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to processing, especially compared to my broken version of PS Elements I’ve been using. Next step is to buy CS4, but at $600 that is hard to chew. Maybe when my MIL comes to visit next week I can have her buy the academic version for me.

Work has been keeping me very busy too, with lots of new wastewater projects to design. It’s a good thing to be working for a small business with low overheads in this economy, especially being in green infrastructure which is where the money seems to be at right now. I’m very interested to see what the future brings for my company…it looks pretty bright at this moment.

Also we are feeling more and more at home with the church we have been attending…still haven’t decided about joining or being re-baptised but still haven’t visited anywhere else. Ran into the pastor and his wife at breakfast this morning, which reminded me I really need to ask him his position on reformed theology. That also reminds me that I DVR’d the Nightline debate at Mars Hill Church between Mark Driscoll and Deepak Chopra on the existance of Satan…need to watch that. You can probably find it online if you’re interested.

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  1. >I love the latest batch of pictures that you put on flikr…the baby pics are awesome, and your bluebonnet pics are great too! Mine were not nearly so spectacular….oh well…hope all is well with the family. Sorry I couldn’t make it to dinner that night, work has been rough!


  2. >Your boys are so cute, I love the pictures of them playing together!Are you coming to Chapel Hill for the 5 year party?


  3. >I’m on the fence about the whole baptism thing. I was baptized as an “adult” at 12 or 13 but Tom was baptized as an infant and we had Aubryn baptized as an infant. The reformed theology is important to me though. It’s great that you found such a great community at church so quickly! Did you hear that Rick Marshall was approved by the presbytery to be the permanent pastor at Springton Lake? Very exciting!


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