>Not Such a Fabulous Week


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Started out ok, everyone healthy and all that. My back had been getting a bit sore from picking up Alex a lot, who at last checkup weighed a hefty 35 lbs. I figured three days away from him would be good for my back, since I would be in Galveston Tues-Thurs for the Texas Water 2009 conference. I drove down, checked into the San Luis Resort, set up my exhibit booth and then had lunch at Sonic while staring at the beach. Then we had a meet and greet in the hall and I caught up with lots of old friends and met many folks from the company that represents mine in Texas. I went to dinner with three guys from that company, and we drove around looking for a nightspot to hang out afterwards, but ended up back at Moody Gardens. I drove back to my hotel, since Moody Gardens was fully booked months ago, and while getting ready for bed I bent over and felt a shot of searing pain in my lower back.

I literally could not move without intense pain. Sleep was not good…lying flat on my back hurt and I couldn’t turn over…I couldn’t even move my body away from the edge of the bed. When I woke up I actually yelled out loud a few times while trying to do simple things like get a shower and brush my teeth. Standing straight up was the most painless option. I took a few Advil and slathered on the IcyHot I had brought along. Managed to gingerly walk over to the IHOP next door and eat breakfast alone, trying to figure out what to do and praying hard for healing.

Walking around a lot plus the Advil helped some. Sitting down hurt, climbing stairs hurt…everything hurt. I decided to join my group on a bus to Kemah for a big private party on the deck, which was really nice…awesome food, especially the sushi! A glass of wine or two and my back was feeling much better…I slept hard that night.

I would’ve gone home but I had to present at the conference on Thurs afternoon. Once that was over I had to load the boxes containing my exhibit into my car…which didn’t help my back but there was no one around to help. Friday I went to the doctor who gave me a muscle relaxer and some Naproxen….she claimed the particular muscle relaxer would not make me so drowsy as some others. What a LIE. I took it at bedtime. I could not wake up! Apparently it really shouldn’t be combined with Naproxen either…by mid-day today I was fully spaced out and numb from head to toe, feeling nauseous and with chills. The one muscle relaxant pill FINALLY wore off and now I’m fine, and never taking that again.

So I’m stretching, heating/icing, trying to rest (which is pretty hard with little kids) and hoping it heals up by Wed when I fly to Vegas. 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Eww…sorry you had such a crummy week! Have you tried a chiropractor at all? Often they’ll have in-house massage therapists who I think help more than the chiros do!! hehe. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  2. >Sorry that your back is bothering you. TK4 has had some severe back problems for almost our whole marriage so I know that it can be really debilitating. I’ll pray that you are feeling great by Wednesday!


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