>Tough Times


Taken by my 4 year old
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So Mike’s company laid off 10% of their workforce last week, including two of Mike’s buddies in his group. That just brings down morale for everyone so much. He’s also getting frustrated, I think, with the amount of time the football magazine he’s working on takes. He doesn’t have a lot of time at home with the kids around. I warned him that I’d be gone these two weeks, but I wasn’t able to help much this weekend when my back was hurting. I think he’s really gonna be proud of the end product, but it seems to be a lot of blood, sweat and tears and not as much fun as he’d hoped.

In the meantime, Mike is an awesome dad and a really great husband. He steps in whenever I need help, and doesn’t grumble much about it. He is not at all like the dads of past generations who never changed diapers, never cooked meals, and never did laundry. It’s been tough moving away from his family and the few friends he did have in PA. Thank goodness for the BSD community, but not being able to go to Penn State games is a bummer. Maybe someday when we are old and gray we will get to do that again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about servant-leadership lately. It’s human nature for us to want power, success, and the significance that comes with leadership roles. But Jesus set a strong example of how to really be a leader…by serving all the time, continuously and humbly. Humility has never been my strong suit, but I’m working hard on it. I have tasted success, but I am learning that acting humbly as a servant simply because God calls me to is more fulfilling. That means joyfully serving my family in all the stuff I hate to do, like cooking and cleaning. It means serving my church, my community, and even my company. Anyway I think that’s what real leadership is about.


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  1. >Great thoughts! Got nothing much to add to that b/c you said it all.Bummer about the layoffs. This is a tough time for all. I hope you’re adjusting to Houston and enjoying your new home!


  2. >Amen, sister. What you’re scratching the surface of here is a life-changing realization.


  3. >Hi MM. These tough times with layoffs and what not helps one apprciate what we have.


  4. >I’m sorry about the layoffs. Its tough right now for everyone, but I’m glad your faith is getting you through. As an aside, nice pic! Budding photographer on your hands?


  5. >”That means joyfully serving my family in all the stuff I hate to do, like cooking and cleaning.”Did you sense when you wrote this that there was something oxymoronic about it?


  6. >They laid off 10% here back in March. It IS really tough for morale. You can come serve MY family by cooking and cleaning at my house any time!


  7. >Keeping you all in my prayers. Is there supposed to be more layoffs?


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