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Just a quick note for those who haven’t seen my Facebook or Twitter updates. I’m a bit freaked out by the whole swine flu thing and am at this moment trying to decide whether to keep the kids home from school tomorrow or not. I’m sure I’m overreacting but Alex especially does catch everything and does struggle with major asthma when he gets a virus. The CDC is just taking so long to confirm tests right now that we don’t know how many cases there actually are here, but there are a few confirmed and a whole lot more suspected in my county and in Houston. They’ve closed four schools, but none especially close to us.

Mike’s been out of town this week and so far it’s been ok but today I purposefully didn’t leave the house and now I’m about stir-crazy. Another day of that and I’ll be the worst mom around. I really wish I didn’t resort to yelling sometimes, and I really wish I hadn’t grown up in a family of yellers. My only consolation is that my pastor admitted he yells a lot too in his house. Thankfully, Mike isn’t a yeller.

Ok so I’m off to find some kind of alcoholic beverage and some chocolate cake to calm me down 🙂


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  1. >1. My husband has done a little research on the swine flu and is convinced it’s nothing worse than the regular flu, for what it’s worth.2. I’m a yeller, too, and also hate the fact that I grew up in a yelling family.3. Terry is also not much of a yeller (unless he’s REALLY frustrated), and so I’m glad for that, too. 4. Hope you get some decent out-of-the-house time, even if it isn’t at school….keeping you in my prayers.


  2. >I decided that I’m just going to send the kids to school and pray and trust God for their safety. I’ve done TONS of research on this and it does seem pretty mild here, but they just don’t know and that toddler dying here scared me.


  3. >I don’t know if this makes you feel any better. The toddler that died had other health problems and he was visiting from mexico city. He had different medical care than american babies and toddlers. Here is the new york times articles. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/30/health/30toddler.htmlI hope this swine flu gets resolved soon.


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