My dad was a big motor sports fan. In the later years it seemed to be mostly NASCAR, but I do remember him watching a lot of Indy car racing too. I have a couple photos he took from a trip he and my mom took to watch the Indianapolis 500 in about 1975.

He would’ve really enjoyed watching NASCAR with Mike. I’m sure Mike would’ve liked going to the race in Dover with him every year.

Next week my church is sending a group of 14 guys to the Indy 500 as part of the Indy car team Kingdom Racing. That’s right, there’s a Christian car, driver and team in the race. This is the second year they have qualified to race. Kingdom Racing is the inspirational vision of one Houston businessman who turned his hobby into a way to share the gospel of Christ. There are 400,000 fans at the Indy 500…that’s a lot of people who could hear the good news of Jesus.

I think it’s really cool. And my dad would’ve been totally into it…in fact he would’ve jumped at the chance to join them. He wasn’t particularly big on sharing his faith with strangers, but he loved Jesus and he had an incredible testimony.

Some people think sharing your testimony with strangers is nutso, “prostletizing” and forcing your religion on someone else. But here’s the thing…if you had really good, incredible news that could change someone’s life in a postive way forever…would you keep it a secret?

I’m working on my “kingdom vision”…just haven’t quite figured out what it is yet. So for now I’m living one day at a time as faithfully as I can, with eyes and ears wide open for God to tell me what’s next…


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  1. >That is so cool!! I will be in prayer for your “kingdom vision.”


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